I got up this morning with one goal in mind; I had an assignment to complete a 2500 word article for a client about the history and the importance of land surveying.  Now, the knowledge that I have regarding surveying could easily fit in a thimble with room to spare, so I know that I first need to research land surveying and find a surveyor willing to answer my questions.  This all seems pretty cut and dried: research, phone calls, transcribe notes from my calls and then begin writing the article.  Within five minutes of sitting down I have a perfectly acceptable plan of action that should guide my work day and keep me busy and productive.  Now, here is what my workday really ended up looking like.

9:00 AM – Get out notepad and pen.  Discover pen is dried out.  Throw away pen and decide to pull out and test all pens.  Find that at least ¾ of my pens are dried out.  Throw them all away and organize the remaining pens based on color of pen, amount of ink left in cartridge and color of ink left in cartridge.

10:00 AM – Go online and order new box of pens from OfficeMax.com.  Realize I need a new printer; start researching wireless printers, paper, ink cartridges and while I’m at it, check out the price on a new fax machine as well.

11:00 AM – Get out notepad and pen with new found resolve to start land surveyor research.  Realize I’m hungry; make promise to myself that once I’ve made three phone calls and done cursory research links query on Wikipedia I will make myself a grilled cheese sandwich.

11:05 AM – Get too hungry to type.  Make myself grilled cheese sandwich and can of tomato soup; after all, who can have a grilled cheese sandwich without tomato soup in which to dunk the sandwich?

11:15 AM – Spill tomato soup on my notepad while dunking and updating my Facebook status; realize it’s the last notepad in my arsenal.

11:16 AM – Go back online to OfficeMax.com and add notepads to my shopping cart.

11:45 AM – Finish lunch, clean up the mess in the kitchen and lie down to nap away my full stomach, with the resolve that tomorrow I will get up and be organized, methodical and productive enough to complete this article that was assigned almost a month ago that is now due in four days instead of five. 

12:00 PM – Zzzzzz.


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